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What is Nakshatra ?

What is Nakshatra ?

Nakshatra has immense importance in astrology. There are many types of star groups in the sky and all these groups are called Nakshatras, they are connected by lunar path. There are a total of 27 Nakshatras according to Hindu Kalasana and Astrology and each Nakshatra has four letters of the alphabet and they are an amount of 9 alphabet letters. The lord of the three nakshatras is a house; similarly, the 4 planets are the lord, the math is done by calculating the time at which the birth takes place and according to that the nakshatra is known, and according to the nakshatra the planet condition etc. is found above.

Five of the 27 constellations are Gandamool Nakshatra. This Gandmool Nakshatra origin, Ashwani, Revathi, Magha, Jyestha, Ashlesha. The native born in Gandmool Nakshatra has a degenerative defect which has to be prevented by Gand mool puja. Acharya Pandit JB Swami ji is expert in the auspicious inauspicious effects that will befall your life by counting the constellation, and you will benefit immensely from his guidance

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